APS New Cultivar Registration

Reiner Jakubowski, APS Registrar


The American Peony Society acts as the International Cultivar Registration Authority for peonies. While supervising nomenclature and publishing checklists, the history of the peony is also maintained. Color photos of new registrations are featured in The APS Bulletin.

The International Society of Horticultural Science is the governing body for cultivar registration carried out by appointed International Cultivar Registration Authorities (ICRA). The primary purpose for plant registration is to give a unique label to a plant within a genus, or for cultivated plants, more properly a denomination class. Without a unique label or name, gardeners, landscape designers, plant propagators, nurseries, garden centers, and others, are at a loss with respect to communicating plant identities in commerce or for discussion.

At its most basic, cultivar registration attempts to ensure one name for any particular cultivar so that everybody knows what to expect when a named plant is being discussed for whatever purpose. The process of naming cultivated plants is outlined in the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants which is available from the International Society of Horticultural Science. There is also summary information about registration available at http://www.ishs.org/icra/index.htm.

Use the utility below to pay for registration of your cultivar. Further instructions and information are listed on the PDF form.

New Cultivar Registration

Includes a description and color photo
published in The APS Bulletin.