Bloom Date Project


Michael Denny


This page provides links to various formats of the 2012 Bloom Sequence data set. This data combines the data from Reverend Miller, the Heartland Peony Society and more recent data collected by Michael Denny.

The links to Alphabetic Sort and Bloom Sequence Sort will take you to web pages with the data listed in either alphabetical order or by bloom sequence.

All bloom times are listed with respect to Red Charm. Red Charm is said to bloom at time zero and the bloom time of all other peonies is given relative to this time. This is the number contained in the offset column.

For example, the entry for Alexander Woollcott shows that from the 17 observations recorded (#obs = 17), Alexander Woollcott blooms 4 days (offset = 4) after Red Charm (offset = 0).

The data should be used as a guide in considering when a cultivar will bloom. There is a danger that the offset will seem too precise and consequentialy will mis-lead. Annual weather variations will change the exact number of days that a cultivar will bloom before or after Red Charm. Caution is particularly needed for cultivars with only one observation. As we obtain more observations we will update and improve the data in the current tables.

Note: The following tables are large and may take some time to download.

Data by Alphabetic Cultivar/Species Name

Data by Bloom Sequence

A .csv file is also available via the following link for anyone who wishes to import the data into a spreadsheet application such as Excel.

Download .csv file