APS Seed Distribution Program

Scott Parker, APS President and SDP Chairperson


Free Seeds for Peony Seed Donors

The Seed Distribution Program needs your help. Over the past few years there has been a large increase in demand for peony seeds from APS’ Seed Distribution Program (SDP). Thus, the SDP is in need of your extra peony seeds. As always any seeds are welcome, but of most need are species seeds and tree peony seeds which are always in short supply and high demand. All peony seed donors will be able to pick a free pack of peony seeds for every two varieties (preferably named varieties) of seeds that they donate—up to a total of five free packs. It is a small thank you from APS for the effort that seed donors go through.

Please collect your seeds when they are ripe—normally the seed pod will split open and the seed coat will be dark brown/black. Place your collected seed in paper bags or paper envelopes and label them with as much specific information about the seeds as possible. For example, the name of the pod parent and pollen parent, if known. Please allow the seeds to dry, prior to shipping them.

Please send the peony seeds that you wish to donate to:

Scott Parker
23409 Desoto Ave
Tomah, WI 54660-4272

If you have questions contact Scott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (608)378-4778.