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Fall Root Auctions

January 28, 2019

With the arrival of fall peony root harvest each year, a number of peony societies run ‘ROOT AUCTIONS’.  Theses society ROOT AUCTIONS provide a great opportunity to acquire new cultivars for the garden, support local society activities and enjoy the camaraderie of other peony enthusiasts.  Fall is the best time to plant peonies, thus these functions are held during this period.  Many interesting and sometimes rare peonies are available through these auction events and are a great place to find that unusual peony the is seldom seen.   Woody peonies (tree peonies), herbaceous peonies (garden peonies), Itoh Peonies (intersectional Peonies) and species peonies are often available as information on growing them.  If you are new to peonies, these functions are often quite ‘eye opening’ due to the wide array of peonies that are available, which not seen in the garden center and general nursery market.

Peony Society auctions may be available to members only, but some are public, thus some investigation will be needed.  Most, if not all of these societies will be glad to include you in their membership at the time of the auction, thus allowing participation.

Join in the fun of supporting a good cause, learning and perhaps taking home a peony for your special garden through a society sponsored auction.  The following is a list of fall peony auctions we are aware of at this point in time.  More will be added as we receive further notifications.

Minnesota Peony Society Auction:
September 28, 2019; Bachmans on Lyndale in the Heritage Room,  6010 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

Prairie Peony Society (Canada)
September 28, 2019; Victoria Square Mall, Regina, SK

Wisconsin Peony Society Auction:
October 5, 2019;  West Madison Agricultural Research Station, 8502 Mineral Point Rd, Verona, WI

American Peony Society Online Auction:
October 12 & 13, 2019

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