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New APS Website – New Look, Function and Information

April 15, 2019

With great excitement I’d like to introduce the new APS Website!

Obviously the look is completely different, but also its functionality has been updated and enhanced.  The new version should work well on most any device and streamlines a number of pages for better function.  Notably the size and scope of the website has increased and the APS hopes that it will serve the public and members well regarding all things peonies.

Points of pride:

  1.  The Peony Registry has been reworked to include more images and provide an easier search.  The Peony Registry is easily accessed from the main page, by entering a name in the upper right hand search utility.
  2. Numerous resources and articles may now be found throughout the pages on the website, supporting our mission of educating the public about peonies.
  3. Information concerning culture, propagation and other details may be found in the LEARN section and place solid advice at the finger tips of anyone with a web connected device.
  4. Many rich images support our mission of education and bring peonies to life online.
  5. Social Media has become a prominent addition to our networked platform, providing greater membership involvement.
  6. New Peony cultivars may now be registered online through an Online Registration  utility, streamlining the process for hybridizers and originators.
  7. Greater detail concerning the many programs, activities and events that are part of the APS are available for all to see.
  8. Our vendor listing has been enhanced with logos and tagline descriptors of the member businesses.
  9. Navigation is supported traditionally across the top, but is also accessible through the 3 line ‘hamburger’.  The ‘hamburger’ follows the user throughout and can be accessed without scrolling.
  10. Event and blog posts are accessible on the main page to keep members and public apprised of APS activities and interesting information.
  11. And MUCH, MUCH MORE…explore and enjoy!

Thank You to the following members for their assistance and support.  With their help, the APS has a website  to serve us for the foreseeable future.

  • David Michener…Support, design, planning and good humor!  APS Update Co-Chair
  • Lore Sampson…Support, design, planning and promotion of vision!  APS Update Co-Chair
  • Kimberly Bremer…Support, writing-copy/headlines, marketing expertise, social media promotion, new ideas and endless hours of planning! APS Update Co-Chair
  • Sam Finazzo…Writing of outstanding copy, research and web ready text!  Check out the APS Story!
  • Don Hollingsworth…Support, technical writing, articles, and advice!
  • Adriana Feng…Support, technical advice, Peony Registry and website assistance!
  • Linette Sorrentino…Support, proofing and advice!
  • David Sorrentino…Technical advice!
  • Reiner Jakubowski…Cultivar section advice and historical information.
  • Harvey Buchite, Cory Tischman, Phyllis Andrews and Kent Tretheway…Articles and copy in support of the website!
  • Liz Best, Brandie Orchard, Craig Aiken, Lynn Gessling and Steve Smith…Work on social media platforms and ongoing support of members and public concerning peonies!  Check out their work and join them on Pintrest, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Hazel and Joe Cook, Steve Smith, Carol Adelman, Ruud Warmerdam, Jeaninne Lemmins, Therese Sprauer, Linette Sorrentino, Harvey Buchite, Michelle Ovans and Don Hollingsworth…For the outstanding IMAGES that make the website so visually appealing!
  • Kris Jurk…Support and advice!
  • Ruud Warmerdam…Outstanding images, but what else would you expect!
  • Vendors…Supplying logos and information about their businesses!
  • APS Board Members…Support and confidence.
  • Webfitters…The designers and developers of the website.

Later in the year the APS website will see the addition of the Member Portal.  While still being planned and developed, this piece of the website will have a greater focus on member resources and interaction.  Look for this feature in December 2019 through February 2020.

Warmest Regards,

Nate Bremer
APS Vice President/Website Update Co-Chair


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