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Visit a Peony Garden This Spring

December 10, 2019

Few plants rival peonies in bloom and finding a garden that has more than a couple examples is easier than you might think.  Numerous public, private and commercial gardens open their doors during peony bloom season each year and welcome visitors to see their collections.

Peonies have a defined bloom season, thus some planning is required to view plants in their full glory.   Most people are familiar with P. lactiflora cultivars and their bloom season is among the latest in the bloom succession, thus if you would like to see earlier blooming cultivars some careful calendar organization may be required in your area.    Each area of the United States and other countries will experience peony bloom at different points in the spring season.  For example, in Wisconsin, P. lactiflora cultivars are generally in bloom during early to mid June.  If you are looking to see the many early blooming herbaceous hybrids or woody peonies, an earlier date will need to be set for your visit.

So…what date can you put on the calendar to visit a garden to see peonies in bloom.  A bit of research may be required and some visits to websites may reveal a good time.  Please see the American Peony Society’s listing of Public Gardens:  Visit a Peony Garden.  This extensive listing will surely help find a garden in your area for a visit.

A number of Commercial and private gardens also provide open house options or tours during the spring peony bloom season.   For information on these gardens please visit our Peony Vendors page for links to websites.   Please remember that these gardens and nurseries are private and may have special hours and guidelines for a visit, or may not be open to the public. Contact should be made before visiting any private or commercial garden.

Consider becoming a MEMBER of  the American Peony Society to tour some of the finest peony gardens and nurseries in the United States during our annual convention tours.

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