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2019 Directory of New Peony Cultivars

February 11, 2020

Now available:  APS Bookstore

The Directory features descriptions and color images of each cultivar registered through the APS in 2019. Softcover.  56 pages.  Supplies are limited.

More than 100 new peony cultivar registrations were processed by the APS in 2019.  This represents the largest class of registrations since 2001, when 276 were recorded (mostly submitted by one registrant).  Due to the large number of submissions this past year, the peony world will begin to see many new beauties through the efforts of a growing hybridizing community.  The American Peony Society wishes to thank all who have registered peonies in the past, present and future, as this information is vital to all that grow and enjoy our favorite plant-the peony.

This publication serves to satisfy the APS’ obligation to publish new peony cultivar registrations for the current year.

Prices include shipping for one or two publications.  No multiple copy shipments are available for International (overseas) destinations.

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