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2020 Gold Medal Winner

June 20, 2020


The American Peony Society is pleased to announce ‘Hillary’ as the recipient of the 2020 Gold Medal and the 2021 Peony of the Year. ‘Hillary’ is a cultivar belonging to the Itoh (Intersectional) group, which is a hybrid between a herbaceous peony and a woody (tree) peony.  Registered in 1999 by hybridizer Roger Anderson of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, ‘Hillary’ has become a popular plant for both the landscape and flower aficionado.  The plant is characteristically strong growing, and the stems carry the numerous beautifully colored flowers just above the deep green foliage.  Plants reach a height of approximately 26 to 30 inches and grow into a uniform round shaped shrub over time.  The healthy deep green foliage (leaves) are produced nearly to the ground and often have red highlights in the early portion of the growing season.  Like all peonies, ‘Hillary’ will perform best in full sun in well-drained soil.  Flowers are semi-double to double in form and open an appealing coral-red color with reddish-maroon flares.  As the flowers age a progression of color change is evident, with some flowers fading to lighter pinks blended with yellow and the oldest being cream with highlights of other colorations.  Plants typically display a wide range of flowers at different color stages, making it a great conversation piece and a beauty to behold.  ‘Hillary’ typically blooms in the midseason of peony flowering season.  This cultivar is consistently regarded by many gardeners and growers as one of the best garden plants for flower and plant quality, making it a worthy Gold Medal Peony!

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