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Top 20 Peony Popularity Poll

September 8, 2020

Results from the APS Popularity Poll: The 20 Peonies I Have to Own


Earlier in the year, APS asked members to submit their favorite 20 peonies in a popularity poll. Why just 20 when there are many that are our favorites and the list changes constantly? By asking for your favorites, peonies that are familiar or rare will be brought to our attention. The intent was to find out what peonies are special to us for any reason. Based on the selections and comments, the choices were because of familiarity, good performance, hybridizing qualities, and beauty.

Polling and Results

The 2020 Fall Bulletin published the results of the top 20.  There were approximately 506 unique entries submitted by 72 members. Almost half the entries have only 1 vote which indicates that in addition to peonies that are readily available, there are varieties that are harder to find or are uniquely special to a smaller audience.

Here is the top 20 list for 2020 (actually 21 due to ties)!

Rank Votes Peony Name Description Originator
1 33 ‘Bartzella’ double yellow intersectional, GM, ALM Anderson, R.F. 1986
2 30 ‘Pastelegance’ semi-double to double pastel pink hybrid Seidl, 1989
3 27 ‘Etched Salmon’ double salmon pink hybrid, GM, ALM Cousins/Klehm, 1981
4 26 ‘Coral Charm’ semi-double coral hybrid, GM Wissing, 1964
5 25 ‘Old Faithful’ semi-double to double red hybrid, GM, ALM Glasscock/Falk, 1964
6 24 ‘Red Charm’ double bomb red hybrid, GM Glasscock, 1944
7 19 ‘Lemon Chiffon’ double yellow hybrid Reath, 1981
8 16 ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ double dark pink lactiflora Lemoine, 1906
9-10 15 ‘Garden Treasure’ semi-double yellow intersectional, GM, ALM Hollingsworth,1984
9-10 15 ‘Buckeye Belle’  semi-double red hybrid, GM, ALM Mains, 1956
11 14 ‘The Mackinac Grand’ semi-double red hybrid, GM, ALM Reath, 1992
12-13 13 ‘Coral Sunset’ semi-double coral hybrid, GM, ALM Wissing, 1965
12-13 13 ‘Salmon Dream’ semi-double salmon pink hybrid, GM, ALM Reath, 1979
14-15 11 ‘Cora Louise’ semi-double white intersectional Anderson, R.F. 1986
14-15 11 ‘Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt’ double dark pink lactiflora, GM Franklin, 1932
16-19 10 ‘Athena’ single white hybrid Saunders
16-19 10 ‘Bowl of Beauty’ Japanese type pink lactiflora Hoogendoorn, 1949
16-19 10 ‘Festiva Maxima’ double white lactiflora Miellez, 1851
16-19 10 ‘First Arrival’ semi-double pink intersectional Anderson, R.F. 1986
20-21 9 Duchess de Nemours’ anemone white lactiflora Calot, 1856
20-21 9 ‘Henry Bockstoce’ double red hybrid Bockstoce,1955


The following link will take you to the full list of entries:

2020 Popularity Poll Full Results


Thank you to all who submitted!

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