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New Membership Options for 2021

October 31, 2020

Savings and Reading Options

A number of new savings and reading (Bulletin) options are available for members renewing in 2021.  Changes in the membership structure were developed in response to membership reading habits, available technology, desire for cost savings in printing & mailing the Bulletin, providing more environmentally sound options and efficiencies gained in production and distribution of membership benefits.

The following are highlights of the new Membership Structure:

•  Save With a 3 or 5 Year Membership Duration.  Selecting a 3 or 5 year membership will result in significant savings over a 1 year membership.  Check out the dues schedule to compare.

•  Save With an “ONLINE ONLY” Bulletin Reading Option.
Selecting a membership for “ONLINE ONLY” will result in significant savings for members outside of the United States.  Since there are no additional printing, handling and delivery costs, all members, no matter location, will have the Bulletin available for the same cost.   The Bulletin will no longer be mailed to members who select this option, but allows for online reading of the 5 most recent Bulletins and the Directory of New Peony Cultivars for the current year.  Of course, members may also elect to have the Bulletin delivered via mail at addition costs, as outlined in the dues schedule.  The reader is available to all members who receive the printed Bulletin through the mail, as well, at no additional cost.  Check out the dues schedule to compare savings with the traditionally available “Postal System Delivery” option for the Bulletin.


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