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Personal Awards Nominations

February 14, 2021

Personal Awards Nominations Announcement
Help give credit to a deserving APS member or contributor to the peony world

APS has traditionally awarded three prestigious awards to members and others who make significant contributions to forwarding the peony. These awards are:  A.P. Saunders Memorial Medal, Bertrand H. Farr Lifetime Achievement Award and American Peony Society Medal.   Each award recognizes specific merits in relationship to personal contributions to the peony world.  Members are encouraged to submit deserving names and supporting information through the American Peony Society’s Member Portal (you’ll need to login): Contribute>>Polls and Surveys>>Personal Award Nominations.

All submissions will be carefully considered and those who most exemplify their work in a given area will receive priority.  All nominations are due by April 1 of the year for consideration.

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