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2022 Directors and Officer Elections

June 18, 2022

APS is proud to announce the following members have volunteered to provide their time and talents through election to a leadership position!  Volunteers were elected and announced at the General Annual Membership Meeting held in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 4, 2022.  Terms are 2022 through 2024.   APS is grateful for their volunteerism and looks forward to their contributions!

Elected Directors

Craig Aiken
Lynn Gessling
Lois Girton
Leena Liljestrand
Nick Maycher
David Michener
Mary Muellner
Brandie Orchard
Scott Parker
Steve Smith
Jill Stevens
Cory Tischman
Kent Tretheway
Piet Wierstra

Elected Officers

Nate Bremer – President
David Sorrentino – Vice President
Kris Jurik – Treasurer
Cory Tischman – Recording Secretary
Hazel Cook – Corresponding Secretary


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