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D.M.P. Midseason, loose, frosted, double deep pink; tall.


Double. Yokahama Nurseries 1913; Yokahama color illustration

Nippon Treasure

Hybrid, red, Japanese type flower form. Parentage and first-bloom, unknown. Late, 3 ft. in height, average stem strength with abundant amount of bloom. It has stamens and seeds; no pollen....

Snow Swan

Ivory white single lactiflora, good clean foliage, 38″ in height. Large rounded, smooth guard petals. Good substance with pollen and stamens. Seedling # 130d....

Cloud Burst

Double white hybrid, 3 ft. in height, good strong stems with deep green foliage. No stamens, pollen, or seeds. Fragrant. Extra large flower. Parentage and first year bloomed unknown.

Cascade Gem the Walter Marx catalog in 1957 as Water Lily; again in the catalog of Caprice Farm Nursery in 1986. The name was not accepted for registration because of near-name...

Garden Treasure

...Yellow petals with red highlights, 20-50 petals, prominent center of sheathed carpels and large size flowers. Very hardy, flowers produced regularly and uniformly year after year from below ground overwintering...

Alicia Kunkel

Parentage unknown. Lavender-rose, Japanese type flower form, center a rose-yellow. Green carpels. 30-inch plant with medium green foliage, well-formed, hedge type and a free bloomer. 6-inch flowers set low to...