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Alba Sulfurea

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Alba Sulfurea

Species — P. albiflora. Originated by Calot, 1860. Donated by Cottage Gardens Company. DESCRIPTION OF BLOOM — Type of bloom bomb. Differentiated. Not entirely transformed. Color (total effect) cream white, guards clear, collar same as guards, center very slightly flecked, stigmas red but fully concealed, very close examination showing a very minute fleck. Fragrance pleasant X. Blooming time mid-season. Size very large to large. DESCRIPTION OF PLANT — Habit of plant medium erect, tall, medium compact. Growth strong, healthy. Stem long, strong, green. Blooming habit free. Buds borne in clusters, healthy. Foliage well furnished, medium green, medium fine; veins green. COMMERCIAL VALUE — For cut bloom extra good; landscape value good. Variety as a whole good. REMARKS — Distinct and superior to “Sulfurea,” also more compact. “Sulfurea” has cream white stigmas, while stigmas of “Alba Sulfurea” are red.

Reference: 1911-CUB 306:102