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Anna Svidnická

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Anna Svidnická
Uljana Blažková / Pavel Sekerka
Czech Republic

Received August 31, 2020. Seedling No. CH-28. Parentage: ‘Angelika Kauffmann’ open pollinated. First bloomed 1980’s, first propagated 2015. Has been distributed under this name to a number of botanical gardens in Europe and in garden nurseries in the Czech Republic. The name and description have also been previously published in two Czech magazines, Zahrádká? and Zahradnictví. Midseason bloom (at the beginning of the Lacti season). Flowers open pink (RHS:65D), quickly fade white subtle pale pink undertones. Flower form SINGLE with 2 rows of guard petals, size 5¼ inches (13½ cm), 1-2 blooms per stem. Petals generally flat with light ruffling, width about 2 inches (5.2 cm). Average of 3 carpels, occasionaly more, yellowish at the base, becoming pink towards the stigmas, moderately hairy. Stigmas red, normal anatomy. Notes on seeds missing, but should be fertile. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments yellow throughout. Well-developed staminodal disc, light pink. No fragrance. Early foliage purple, leaves sparsely, but noticeably pubescent along the veins. Foliage quickly greens up with the middle vein and the edges retaining some purple. Leaves green by time of flowering but may have slight purple color at the base. Upright growth to 26 inches (67 cm). Named during the celebrations commemorating the 700th anniversary of the birth of the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV (1316 – 1378), for his third wife, Anna Svídnická (Anna von Schweidnitz, 1339-1362) (m. 1353–1362), Queen of Bohemia and mother of Wenceslas IV, heir to the throne.

Reference: 2020-DIR:05