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Catherine Louise

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Catherine Louise
Ménard / D’Aoust
Herbaceous Hybrid
Canada, QC

Seedling # 88-10MM-13. Exact parentage unknown, but it is an advanced generation hybrid, likely F3 or F4. First bloomed before 1997. Single flowers with perfectly rounded petals which open blush and fade to waxy white with time. Flowers are typically 6 inches (15 cm) in size, three per stem, no fragrance. Average of three carpels, sparsely hairy, mid-green in colour. Stigmas deep pink/red. The filaments are the same colour as the stigmas, and along with them form a tightly packed centre. Stamens, pollen and seeds. The petioles and stems are almost uniformly dark red and accentuate the waxy white flowers. Blooms at approximately the same time as ‘Red Charm’. Upright growth, height to 43 inches (110 cm). It has consistently shown excellent fall foliage colour and was selected for registration by Maurice Ménard before his death in 2002. Named for his grand-daughter, Catherine Louise Ménard.

Reference: 2006-337:031