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Cherry Welcome

Parentage: ‘Karl Rosenfield’ x ‘Seidlite’. First bloomed 2014, first propagated 2016. SEMI-DOUBLE. Two to three flowers per stem. Flower size 6 inches (15 cm). Flowers open pinkish purple (RHS: 71B) then change to purplish red (RHS: 58B) but fading paler on the tips of the petals. Outer petals are rounded and notched while the inner ones are rather pointed. Dark purple flares (with bleeding edges) extend 30% of petals’ length. Very fine purple red veining contributes visual texture to the petals. Stamens present but pollen absent. Filaments purple at the base fading to creamy yellow at the anthers. Sheath is incomplete and purple red. Carpels number 8-10, are moderately hairy and pale green. Stigmas with normal anatomy, colored coral pink. No fertility seen. Late Midseason flowering. Typical Itoh group foliage, medium green, pointed. Height 31-35 inches (80-90 cm) with upright mounded growth habit. A vigorous grower.

Reference: 2019 Pending