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Copper King

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Copper King
Lutea Hybrid

Seedling number NB31. Parentage: ‘Autumn Harvest’ x ‘Rosalind Elsie Franklin’, thus an advanced generation Lutea hybrid. First bloomed 2007, first propagated 2012. Large (to 7½ inches (19 cm)) SEMI-DOUBLE flowers in yellow suffused with coral and pink, giving the flowers an overall copper colored effect. Small maroon flares at petal bases extend about 20% of petal’s full length. Petals are fluted, ruffled and lightly notched. Flowers are carried on sturdy stems, allowing them to face outward. Pink sheath, 3-5 green carpels, pale yellow stigmas, and red filaments supporting pollen-bearing anthers. Fertile both ways, but obtaining seeds is challenging. Has superior foliage with medium deep lobes and sharp leaflet tips. Good stem hardiness and fast growth. Height is approximately 4 feet (122 cm) in Wisconsin where Lutea hybrids often suffer winter kill of stems, but reliably regrow and bloom from basal buds. They may grow taller in more reasonable climates. One of the most noticed Lutea hybrids in the originator’s gardens over the last 5 years.

Reference: 2016-377:11