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Dawn Pink

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Dawn Pink
Sass, H.P.

Single. Early to mid-season. Pink. Seedling No. 1-34. Parentage not given. Guard petals large and well rounded, medium dark rose pink, brilliant and lasting color. Stamens: bright yellow. Carpels green. Stigmas: deep rose pink. Disc not evident. Foliage medium sized, medium green and extends well down on the stems which are strong and medium in height. The color is somewhat darker than that of Sea Shell. The flower is well formed and lasts well. (Note: A few plants of this variety have been distributed under the name Pink Dawn. Those who have it under that name will please note the change which has been made to avoid possible confusion with a variety registered under the name, Pink o’ Dawn. Seedling # 1-34.

Reference: 1951-122:52