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Gold Nugget

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Gold Nugget

Species — P. albiflora. Originated by Pleas. Donated by Pleas. DESCRIPTION OF BLOOM — Type of bloom anemone. Form of bloom globular, very loose. Differentiated. Not entirely transformed. Color (total effect) pale lilac rose; guards clear; collar cream white, lighter than guards; center clear; secondary staminodes absent, Green, hairy carpels, cream stigmas, crown formed by few large petals on strong blooms. Central petals ¼ inch wide. Fragrance unpleasant X. Blooming time early to mid-season. Large size. DESCRIPTION OF PLANT — Habit of plant erect, medium tall, compact. Growth strong and healthy. Stem medium long, strong, green. Blooming habit free. Buds borne in clusters, healthy. Foliage well furnished, dark green, fine; veins reddish green. COMMERCIAL VALUE — For cut bloom poor; landscape value medium. Variety as a whole medium to poor.

Reference: 1911-CUB 306:079