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Golden Experience

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Golden Experience
David L. Reath
Lutea Hybrid

Seedling number A-198. Parentage given as ‘Golden Isles’ x F2 lutea hybrid (Paeonia Vol. 13, No. 3). First offered in Reath’s 1984 catalog under its seedling number in order to make it available to hybridizers. Described therein as a “good single to semi-double yellow, tall grower. Very fertile pollen, fertile as a pod parent.” First offered under the name ‘Golden Experience’ in 2000, with the catalog description “Semi-double, Yellow, Late-midseason, 46 inches tall. The flower of Golden Experience is an open, airy semi-double of rounded shape. The petals are flared deep red at their bases with some of the central petals edged and streaked red. A strong growing tall plant of particular interest to the hybridizer as it is pod and pollen fertile and the parent of some of the new tree peony hybrids and herbaceous x tree hybrids.”

Reference: 2000-Cat-Reath:02