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Grand Forks

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Grand Forks
Originator unknown / Buchite

Parentage unknown. First propagated 1994. DOUBLE. White fully double flowers, 6 inches in size, 3 blooms per stem on average. Guard petals 2¼ inches wide, notched, typically with red streaking on reverse side which is not apparent at normal viewing angles. No carpels or stamens. Typical lactiflora foliage. Strong stems able to support rain soaked blooms without breaking. Height to 28 inches. Very late bloom season. No fragrance. Noted for its dependable opening during hot temperatures when other late bloomers fail to open well.. Originator unknown, but received as an unnamed seedling from avid gardener and peony exhibitor from the Grand Forks area of North Dakota. Has been distributed prior to registration under the ‘Grand Forks’ name.

Reference: 2008-347:019