Peony Registry

Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home
Herb. Hybrid

Parentage unknown, presumed seedling of garden origin. First flowering unknown, first propagated 2006. SINGLE. Generally ten petals, white with prominent bright pink flares extending to ¾ their length then bleeding and fading to white. Average 3 flowers per stem. Fragrant. Pollen bearing stamens, filaments yellow, tinged slightly green. Carpels pale green, moderately hairy. Stigmas pale pink, normal morphology, produces chestnut brown seeds. Well developed staminodal disc, projections colored cream. Broad pointed foliage, upright growth to 27 inches. Early season bloom. Named Hildene for the 412 acre estate and ancestral home built by Robert Todd Lincoln, President and Mrs. Lincoln’s oldest and only son to survive to adulthood. Robert chose this old English term meaning “hill and valley with stream,” describing the estate’s location set on a promontory overlooking the Batten Kill valley.

Reference: 2010-353:021