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Saunders / Waltz
Herb. Hybrid

Herbaceous Hybrid. Parentage: P. broteroi x P. mlokosewitschii. Seedlings are indistinguishable from one another and were raised by Saunders under numbers 15395 – 15404. First bloomed c. 1942. Early bloom season. Stems to 18 inches with low broad growth habit. Leaves are narrow pointed and blue-green in color. Single cupped flowers are 2½ inches in size and are pale pink fading to cream. Pale pink flares present, which also fade. Two carpels on average, with red stigmas. Stamens and abundant usable pollen; filaments white. Produces seeds, but none viable to date. Adventitious buds sometimes form on root pieces. Named in tribute to A. P. Saunders.

Reference: 2005-334:081