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La Fiancée

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La Fiancée

Species: P. albiflora. History: Dessert says that this variety had disappeared from trade in France when he found a few specimens and reintroduced it. He showed it at the Universal Exposition in 1900, and later sold it widely in America. Lemoine gave this the name “Albiflora,” but as this is the name of the species to which it belongs, Dessert gave it the distinctive name of “La Fiancée.” DESCRIPTION IN BRIEF: Single, white, large, very free flowering; early; very good. DESCRIPTION IN DETAIL: Single, guards large and broad, purest, white, center a mass of yellow stamens; carpels many, green, prominent, slightly hairy; stigmas white and recurved; flower very large, 7 inches in diameter; many flowers on same stalk, forming pretty spray. Odor pleasant. Foliage perfectly smooth, vigorous, dark green, thick and leathery to the touch. A strong grower, stands up well in rain storm. Comparison: Distinct from La Fiancée of Lemoine, 1898, which is a double flower.

Reference: 1908-CUB 259:128