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Laura Dessert

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Laura Dessert

Anemone type; medium size; early midseason. Guards pale pink in bud, opening cream or pale lemon, becoming white; center a flat, compact tuft of narrow petaloids widest at tips, deep cream in depths, paling outward, giving a light lemon-yellow effect; carpels yellow with light tips and yellowish base; moderately fragrant. Medium height; floriferous; good stems and foliage. “Similar to PRIMEVERE, but better.”—Fewkes. “I prefer PRIMEVERE, although LAURA DESSERT has a sturdier, more upright habit.”—Saunders. “Much better yellow than PRIMEVERE.”—Christman. “When the flower first opens it makes you think of lemon water-ice. The best yellow to date (1927).”—Boyd. “I was totally unable to make any definite distinction, which was constant, between PRIMEVERE, LAURA DESSERT, and GOLDEN DAWN. Two exceedingly critical peony judges were utterly confused when presented with good flowers of all three and asked to say which was which”.—Stevens.

Reference: 1928-B-d:111