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Madame Coutant

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Madame Coutant
Schmitt / Rieck
Herb. Hybrid

Parentage: P. tenuifolia x unknown pollen parent. SINGLE, true red (RHS CC 53 A; no purple cast as may be seen in the other fernleaf hybrids), flowers 6 to 7 cm in size (2½ – 3”), 1 per stem. Carpels number 3 – 5, are red with red stigmas. Filaments red. Pollen and seeds. Height 50 cm (20”) with finely cut foliage. Healthy vigorous plant which blooms regularly. Raised from presumed species seed by Mme. Suzanne Coutant of Paris, France, for whom it is named. Discovered in her garden by Eric Schmitt who obtained a division for testing and evaluation in the Rieck garden.

Reference: 2011-359:020