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Marie-Paule Pelland

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Marie-Paule Pelland
Serge Fafard / Jocelyne Goyet Chartier
Canada, QC

Received: February 14, 2020. Seedling No. P-13-2011. Parentage unknown. First year bloomed 2016, first propagated 2018. JAPANESE flower form, three blooms per stem, size 6 inches (15 cm). Three rows of white guard petals, 2½ inches wide (6¼ cm). Carpels average 4 in number, smooth, color yellowish green. Stigmas yellow, fertile, makes seeds. Prominent center of narrow yellow staminodes. Early foliage emerges burgundy, matures to green. Upright growth habit to 36 inches (92 cm). Mid/Late bloom season. Named for the registrant’s mother, Marie-Paule Pelland, straight, strong and beautiful like the peony named for her. She raised six children on a pork and dairy farm, later going into potato cultivation. Following a day’s work on the farm and looking after the house, she still had the energy to pursue her passion, gardening. Her magnificent garden won two honorary awards.

Reference: 2020-DIR:11