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Peter Waltz
Herb. Hybrid

Received October 28, 2020. Seedling No. 91-0405. Parentage: Hollingsworth #945 x ‘Sunny Boy’. (Hollingsworth #945 is Hollingsworth #20 x ‘Cream Delight’). First bloomed 2002, first propagated 2004. Has been previously distributed under number P04182. Midseason bloom period. Sulfur-yellow SEMI-DOUBLE flowers, 1 per stem, 5½ inches in size (14 cm). Guard petals generally rounded, shallowly notched. Average of 3 carpels, white, with pale pink stigmas of normal anatomy. Pollen-bearing stamens, though pollen is not profuse. Staminodal disc well developed. Technically a semi-double, but carpels and stamens are often obscured, giving the effect of a double. Fragrant. Foliage emerges paler green, matures to green. Upright growth to 30 inches, mechanical support not normally needed, but stems will bend in the rain when in flower. A symmetric flush of healthy green leaves just under the flower turns a single stem into an excellent stand-alone bouquet, a feature that is lost at exhibition where foliage is typically removed. The name derives from one of many nicknames of registrant’s wife and best friend, Melanie, and was chosen to grace this seedling, one of her favorite flowers.

Reference: 2020-Pending