Peony Registry

Japanese origin.

Species: P. albiflora. History: Sent as a part of the Japanese government exhibit on Wooded Island at the Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893, and obtained at the close by Peterson, who named it Mikado. DESCRIPTION IN BRIEF: Japanese, lilac purple, mid season, very good. DESCRIPTION IN DETAIL: Japanese type, guards rounded or notched at apex; staminodes quite remarkable, typically Japanese type flower from, widened at end like a spatula, mostly same color as guards, but the anther remnants fringe the whole upper margin with yellow, prettily crinkled. Carpels green, smooth, small, not transforming; stigmas white. Color lilac purple 4(16o), center yellowish. Size medium. Odor doubtful. Foliage medium in size and color, smooth, wavy margins. A very pretty flower, a heavy bloomer and a good keeper when cut.

Reference: 1908-CUB 259:130