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Nong Dian Qian Hong

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Nong Dian Qian Hong
Xiuxin Zhang, Jingqi Xue, Junfeng Fan, Yuqian Xue, Fang Wang

Received September 7, 2020. Parentage: Paeonia rockii x ‘Taiy?’. First bloomed 2015, first propagated 2015. Mid-season bloom. Rounded flower buds. BOMB flower form having a base of guard petals forming a “plate” on which sits a ball made up of smaller petals. One flower per stem, 4¼ inches in size (11 cm). Fragrant red flowers presented in up-facing position (RHS:58B). Guard petals rounded, shallowly notched, average width 1¼ inches (3.3 cm). Inner petals smaller than guards, notched, somewhat twisted and frilled, curled at the ends, some with golden edges showing the remains of transformed stamens. Stamens for the most part transformed. Some staminodes remain, fairly evenly interspersed among the petals. Average of 5 carpels, greenish-yellow (RHS:1D), moderately hairy. Stigmas red (RHS N66B) with normal anatomy. No seeds. Sheath absent. Annual branches to 6-10 inches in length (15-25 cm). Pedicels are thick and straight. Early foliage light green becoming blue-green with maturity. Upright plant growth. Height at maturity 35½ inches (90 cm). Strong resistance to drought and cold when established. The name made up of two parts. “Nong” identifies with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the remaining terms alluding to the evenly distributed golden edges on the center petals, suggesting stars hanging in the night sky.

Reference: 2020-DIR:47