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Nong Yuan Yu Guan

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Nong Yuan Yu Guan
Xiuxin Zhang, Shunli Wang, Junfeng Fan, Huiting Ci

Received September 7, 2020. Parentage: ‘Xiang Yu’ x ‘Godaish?’. First bloomed 2015, first propagated 2015. Midseason bloom period. Flower buds rounded. Fragrant, fully DOUBLE white flowers (RHS:N155B), 1 bloom per stem, size 4¼ inches (10.6 cm). Guard petals generally rounded, edges with irregular shallow notching, petal width about 1¼ inches (3 cm). Inner petals twisted and frilled. Blush-pink staminodes give a soft pink glow from the depths of the flower. Average of 4 carpels, yellowish-green (RHS:144C), very hairy. Stigmas yellowish-green with normal anatomy. Stamens absent, no seeds. Partial sheath, red (RHS:57A). Annual branches to 6-8 inches in length (15-20 cm). Pedicels are thick and straight. Foliage yellowish-green. Upright growth to 32 inches (80 cm). Mechanical support not needed. Good cold and drought resistance. The name of this cultivar chosen to indicate that the flowers are white, elegant, and beautiful.

Reference: 2020-DIR:50