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Old Soldier

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Old Soldier
Seidl / Bremer
Herb. Hybrid

Seedling number 74H120-6. Parentage: ‘Blushing Princess’ x Pehrson’s unnamed Sable-Eclipse hybrid. Has had distribution under both seedling number and name. First bloomed mid 1970’s, propagated since early 2000’s. Large (up to 7 inches (18 cm)) medium red SEMI-DOUBLE flowers, with 2-3 side buds. Flowers fade to a pink-red as they age. Light green carpels (3-5 in number), pink stigmas and yellow filaments. Foliage is deep green and broad, carried on thick heavy 28 to 32 inch (71-81 cm) stems that do not require staking. Plants go dormant at the end of September. A fast growing plant that is highly fertile both ways and produces some of the largest seed we have seen in herbaceous hybrids. Presumed tetraploid. Very good double seedlings of bright pink coloration from this plant are under observation. Week 3-4 bloom time.

Reference: 2016-377:10