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Peter Sennert

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Peter Sennert

Seedling B2-2007. Parentage: ‘Bowl of Beauty’ x unknown. First flowered 2010, first propagated 2012. Multi-petalled SINGLE. Usually 3 flowers per stem. Flowers are 4¾ inches in size (12 cm). Strong purplish-red color (RHS 59 D). Petals held cupped, generally with rounded margins though some are notched. Average width of guard petals 2 inches (5 cm). Four carpels on average; pale yellowish green in color moderately covered in white hairs. Stigmas red with normal anatomy. Filaments yellow; red at the base. Pollen and seeds. Staminodal disc complete; greenish white; tinged pink at the ends of the projections. Early foliage on emergence is red; at bud stage it is bronzy-green with purplish-red undersides. Upright self-supporting growth; stems to 33½ inches in height (85 cm). Named with permission for Peter Sennert, landscape gardener and friend of the originator.

Reference: 2016-379:11