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Pink o’ Dawn

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Pink o’ Dawn

Double. Late. Brilliant dark pink. Strong stems. Not yet in commerce. Please note that Cooper No. 103, registered in Bulletin No. 102, June 1946, page 27 as Pink o’ Dawn is now known as Alma Hansen. Those who have it under this name, please change. Also note that accidentally a few plants of Dawn Pink, Sass No. 1-34, Bulletin No. 122, September, 1951, page 52, were sent out for this variety. The error occurred because this variety, Dawn Pink, was sent to a few as Pink of Dawn. Those who have it are indeed fortunate as it is a darker Sea Shell, blooming a few days earlier. When it becomes plentiful it will be in great demand. Also note that Alma Hansen will probably be as fine as any. It is late and white with a soft glow of pink.

Reference: 1953-129:24