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Purple Beauty

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Purple Beauty
Zhiyang Liu, Wanjie Men, Xi Chen

Received October 31, 2020. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2017, first propagated 2016. Midseason bloom. Fuchsia colored flower-in-flower DOUBLE, 5¾ inches in size (14½ cm), 3 blooms per stem, fragrant. Guard petals just under an inch in width (2.3 cm), deeply notched. Inner petals somewhat ruffled, grading smaller towards the center. Tuft of petals arises from pollen-bearing stamens at center, filaments yellow. Average of 5 carpels, stigmas yellow, fertile. Foliage green, lightly washed purplish when fresh. Stems with purplish tints. Upright growth to 29½ inches (75 cm). May need support when in flower. Suitable for planting in the garden, and for cut flower use. Petals resist fading in direct sunlight.

Reference: 2020-Pending