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Queen Victoria

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Queen Victoria
United Kingdom

Species — P. albiflora. Originated by Kelway. Donated by Farr. DESCRIPTION OF BLOOM — Type of bloom crown. Form of bloom medium globular, to loose. Differentiated. Entirely transformed. Color (total effect) white; guards milk white, slightly flecked with crimson, slightly splashed crimson; collar cream white; center prominently flecked with crimson; secondary staminodes present on some blooms. Strong blooms have a low crown; weak blooms more of a loose bomb. Fragrance pleasant X. Blooming time mid-season. Large to medium size. DESCRIPTION OF PLANT — Habit of plant erect, medium tall, compact. Growth strong and healthy. Stem medium long, strong, reddish green. Blooming habit free. Buds borne in clusters, healthy. Foliage well furnished, dark green, medium size; veins green. COMMERCIAL VALUE — For cut bloom medium; landscape value medium. Variety as a whole medium. REMARKS — Should not he confused with the “Queen Victoria Whitleyi” group. This variety is prominently flecked. For a description of “Whitleyi” see page 106.

Reference: 1911-CUB 306:093