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Ring Of Fire

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Ring Of Fire
Herb. Hybrid

Mid-season flowering HERBACEOUS HYBRID peony. Seedling number 1165. Seed parent is Lactiflora ‘Jessie Morgan’; pollen parent is an unnamed selection of the Saunders Little Reds Hybrids. First year bloomed about 1978. First propagated 1988. One bloom per stem, size 5 inches. The SINGLE flower is made up of 10 to 15 brilliant red petals (RHS 45B), surrounding a center of red-tipped light green carpels, successively encircled by the ring of red filaments (RHS 45B) and contrasting yellow anthers of the stamens. The cupped petals have a weather tolerant heavy substance, smoothly rounded ends and light ruffling. Carpels average three in number, moderately hairy, hairs white. Stigmas bright red (RHS 45B), apparently normal. Pollen is sparse and no seeds have been noticed. The flowers are set close to the upright low-medium height bush (24 inches (60 cm)), making a favorable presentation in the landscape without support. Medium green leaflets without notching are lightly ruffled. Name derives from the effect of the stamen filaments forming a fiery circle around the pale green carpels.

Reference: 2007-341:017