Peony Registry

Roberto Gamoletti
Lutea Hybrid

Received July 28, 2020. Parentage: (‘Chinese Dragon’ x ‘Golden Era’) x ‘Rosalind Elsie Franklin’. First bloomed 2009, first propagated 2012. SEMI-DOUBLE to DOUBLE flowers are purplish red (RHS:58A) on opening, then fading to RHS:67A. An average of three blooms per stem, size 6 inches (15 cm). First row of petals much paler but edged with an indistinct band of darker pigment, their back surface silvery white at opening. Petals lightly ruffled, occasionally notched. Purple red flares (RHS:N57A) have a rounded but blurred edge and extend to 35% of petals length. Darker pigment continues to radiate along the fine veining to the edges of the petals. Average of 2-3 carpels, smooth, pale green, with red stigmas sharply edged white. Purplish red sheath well developed, complete. Pollen-bearing stamens interspersed with petals. Filaments are purple, fading near white at the tips. Pollen and seed fertile. Fragrance absent. Blooms early midseason. Flowers are held above the foliage of the bush and presented up facing (without the lutea “hook”). Healthy blue-green foliage with typical Lutea Hybrid leaflets. Upright growth habit reaching 60-71 inches at maturity (150-180 cm).

Reference: 2020-DIR:53