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Royal Rose

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Royal Rose
Reath, D.L.
Herb. Hybrid

Parentage, Paula Fay X Moonrise; First bloomed, 1974. Hybrid, medium pink, flat semi-double flower. One terminal bloom per stem. Stamens, pollen, reliable. 30 inches in height, sturdy stems, holds flower erect. Early, blooms with other lobata hybrids, deep green, glossy foliage. This seedling of Paula Fay has good plant habits. It is similar in color but has more petals (semi-double) with a few side buds. Pollen is fertile and the carpels set seed easily. Easily propagated by adventitious bud formation on root cuttings. A characteristic from Paula Fay. Seedling Reath F-11.

Reference: 1979-231:23