Peony Registry

Smout / van Houtte
Herb. Hybrid

Synonym ‘Smouthii’. The name and description were first published in 1843 (L’Horticulteur universel: journal génèral des jardiniers et des amateurs, Vol. 4, page 274 (1843)). A translation of that entry follows: PAEONIA SMOUTHII, Hortul., A hybrid of Paeonia albiflora vestali, Hortul., and P. tenuifolia, L. Herbaceous stem; leaves glabrous, shining, biternate, the lobes linear-lanceolate, acuminate; capsules glabrous, recurved. I have just acquired from Mr. Smouth, a very knowledgeable amateur grower of perennials, this beautiful peony, which I have coveted for a long time now. It is only one plant but it is large enough that I could divide it so that I can already offer for sale a few divisions (strong ones with a bud) at a price of 40 francs each. This wonderful acquisition will stand out in comparison against other herbaceous peonies due to its many flowers (last year it bore 43 flowers), its satiny bright dark cherry colour, its strong fragrance, and its beautiful deep cut foliage, all of which places it in the same class as the beautiful P. tenuifolia flora rubra plena that we owe, as well as so many other novelties, to the famous collector Mr Szowitz. Van Houtte, from Ghent.

Reference: 2013-366:017