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Souvenir de Ingo Schiewe

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Souvenir de Ingo Schiewe

SINGLE. Exact parentage unknown. Selected about 10 years ago from the collection of the Botanical Garden of Düsseldorf (Germany) where it was labeled as P. suffruticosa. The Botanical Garden has no record of the provenance of the plant other than it was received as an unnamed seedling. Growth habit is typical of a rockii cultivar. Mature plant grows wider than tall (5 feet high, 10 feet across) and is very floriferous, having 150-200 flowers each of the previous 5 years. Flowers are single and about 6 inches in diameter. Colour is an outstanding clear lavender with purple flares at the base of the petals. Carpels are smooth, 5 in number. Stigmas yellow. Plant sets seeds by hand pollination, but self pollen has proven infertile. Sheath partial. Leaves are small and finely cut, green, but even in summer showing some reddish purple undertones. Propagates readily by grafting. Young plants are slow the first year but from 2 – 3 years on grow strongly. Named with permission in honor of Ingo Schiewe who passed away in autumn 2008. Mr. Schiewe was a gardener with wide interests who, besides his Rockiis, grew many different plants in his garden and glasshouses.

Reference: 2009-352:025