Peony Registry

Bremer, Nate
Lutea Hybrid

Seedling #NB-SH73. Parentage: ‘Brassy Lady’ x ‘Sedona’. First bloomed 2009, first propagated 2012. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Tethys is a semi-double to double medium sized (5½-6½ inches; 14-16½ cm) old rose colored flower. In years with better precipitation and cooler temperatures, flowers can show brighter pink coloration. The outer petals are notched and ruffled. When flowers are double (produced on strong terminals) the interior petals are smaller, ruffled and turn in many directions. The petals have many small reticulations of deeper coloration, creating a multicolor affect. Typically 5 carpels. Medium pink stigmas, red filaments, maroon flares and red sheath. Plants have excellent pollen and seed fertility is good on semi-double flowers. Leaves are broad, dark green with margins coarsely saw-toothed; petioles are red. Stems could be a bit hardier, but plants easily re-grow from basal shoots to bloom consistently every year. Very sturdy stems carry flowers in an upward fashion-unusual for a double lutea hybrid. Named for the spherical moon of Saturn that is pitted and cratered, also a Titan of Greek Mythology.

Reference: 2017-381:19