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Walter Faxon

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Walter Faxon

Double type; medium size; midseason. Vivid shell-pink of a luminous intensity unique in peonies, which fades with age; mildly fragrant. Medium height; fairly floriferous; good stems and foliage. A fairly good flower of value for its striking color. If RAOUL DESSERT and SOUVENIR de LOUIS BIGOT are arranged beside it, Faxon is clearly the brightest and finest. In other respects it is merely average. “Fades quickly in sunlight.”—Saunders. “Its color makes it an outstanding variety.”—Christman. “Walter Faxon is the most distinct and outstanding pink variety when well grown and used as a cut-flower for show purposes. As a garden flower it lacks substance, fags in the sun, and is disappointing.”—Little. “The plant needs age, good cultivation, and disbudding to bring it to its best. It is then superb and stands the hot sun quite as well as the majority of varieties.”—Fewkes.

Reference: 1928-B-d:148