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William E. B. DuBois

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William E. B. DuBois
Waltz / Hollingsworth
Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling number P01831. Parentage: ‘Archangel’ x ‘Nancy’. Flowers open in the Early period (also known as “Second Week” flowering). The flower is a standard SINGLE type, 6 inches (15 cm) in size. The10-12 well cupped, opaque, creamy-white guard petals are of strong substance. The broad bowl thus formed is centered by a large yellow stamen boss and red stigmas, the bowl shape persisting to petal fall. Carpels, 3-4 in number, are pale yellow-green, with little color contrast to the stamen filaments. The flowers are presented somewhat above the broad top of the bush on medium height stems. A few stems have a side bud in addition to the main flower, and this tendency may become more pronounced in a mature specimen. Medium height stems (30-34 inches; 75-85 cm) of favorable increase and growth rate yield a broad bush at maturity. Large, pointed leaflets of medium green clothe the stems to near the ground. Fertile, producing both pollen and seeds. Named for the social sciences scholar, teacher, writer and activist, William E. B. Du Bois (1868–1963).

Reference: 2013-367:022