Membership Details

How Membership Works

Dues are paid for the calendar year. Members joining before August 25th are recorded for the current year and members will receive all four issues of The APS Bulletin for that year (while supplies last). Members joining between August 25 and November 25 shall receive the December issue of The APS Bulletin and all issues for the following year.

Applications received after November 25 are recorded for the following year, unless otherwise specified.

Individual memberships are for one or two persons at the same address, receiving one copy of The Bulletin. Commercial memberships are for one business and one or two persons at the same address, receiving one copy of The APS Bulletin.

Advertising is open to all commercial members of the American Peony Society.  Advertisers reach a highly targeted audience of peony and gardening enthusiasts, while supporting the programming and outreach of the APS.  As a commercial member, you are also eligible to have a free listing and link on the APS website.  Further information about adverising in the Bulletin can be found:  Advertise in the Bulletin.

Refunds are available only to Institutional members for unmailed issues. All memberships are non-transferable. Please notify APS promptly of address changes. Missed issues must be claimed within one year.