Gold Medal Voting 2021-2022

This page is to be used for determining the 2021 and 2022 Gold Medal Peonies by vote from the APS Board of Directors.   Directors are asked to vote for 2 cultivars in which they think best fit the “Considerations” (found below), from their observations and experiences.  The voting form follows the “Considerations” at the bottom of this page.  Please vote by June 1, 2021.  Cultivars receiving the most votes will be used as the 2021 and 2022 Gold Medal Peonies.  In the case of a tie a second round will be developed and Directors will be asked to vote again to break the tie.  Please note:  APS must have on file high resolution images of the Gold Medal Peonies – at this time we have images of all nominations except ‘Lorelei’.   A number of selections the past few years have not had good images available and have caused problems for APS publicizing them.  We’d prefer to not have this happen again due to the time involved finding appropriate images.  Please do not vote for ‘Lorelei’ unless you have a high resolution image of this plant.   

Considerations to use before voting on any peony for the Gold Medal.  Peonies on our list fulfill most of these considerations.

1) Flower Consistency

a. Form, size, color and other attributes are produced reliably each bloom season
b. Resistant to variable conditions (late freezes, rainfall, temperatures, etc…)
c. Must show consistent flowers in areas in which peonies are normally grown
d. Consistent flowers can be expected after no more than 3 years after planting

2) Plant Consistency

a. Foliage remains in reasonably good condition throughout the spring and summer
b. Stem habit may need support during bloom, but should not be prone or show
extreme open space at clump center after bloom (typically for herbaceous plants)

3) Ease of Culture

a. Plants are resistant to disease in normal growing situations
b. Growth rate is average or better (3 to 5 years to become a visually appealing
c. No specialized siting or conditions are required to grow this plant beyond what is
normally needed for good peony growth
d. May be grown in most regions in which peonies are well adapted

4) Availability

a. Is available through multiple sources.
b. May be reliably propagated without specialized techniques and is easily
propagated using typical propagating techniques
c. Is reasonably priced for gardeners familiar with peonies (prices are not
considered for low budget consumers, but should not be extreme for type and
value the market is demanding)

5) Distinction

a. Flowers and/or plants have a quality that reasonably differentiates them from
other cultivars
b. Unique qualities may include:

i. Flower color
ii. Flower form
iii. Flower size
iv. Fragrance
v. Abundant bloom
vi. Unique foliage (color, size, etc…)
vii. Unique plant habit

***Longevity and Trials…Nominated cultivars must be widely grown in multiple regions and must have
been registered for a minimum of five years.

Gold Medal Peony Voting
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