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Peony Genes, Viruses, Origins, Conservation


The American Peony Society and a number of other peony societies support work to understand peony origins through genetic studies which may include viral identification.   Work performed and reported by Nastassia B. Vlasava, David C. Michener, Siarhei Kharytonchyk and Liliana Cortés-Ortiz in 2024 relates to the use of virus identification to track peony origins among other genomic implications.

Work is ongoing and study outcomes will be submitted for peer review and publication as data is assimilated. APS wishes to thank all involved for their efforts to improve and better understand the peony.

The article titled “Co-Infection of Tobacco Rattle and Cycas Necrotic Stunt Viruses in Paeonia lactiflora: Detection Strategies, Potential Origins of Infection, and Implications for Paeonia Germplasm Conservation” represents recent efforts and is for use by the public.

The following links to the article may be used to view, download and/or print the article.

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