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Angel’s Dream

Double. arly-midseason. White, fragrant. No parentage given. There are flakes of green interspersed throughout this large white flower which seems to have a creamy light shining in it. The large...

Ann Goemans

Late big silvery pink double. Named for a delightful Dutch lady.

Ann Duke

Seedling # MI213. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2000, first propagated 2004. ANEMONE. Glowing medium pink guard petals with a hint of mauve, center mound the same. Two to three flowers...

Ann Cousins

Late mid season. Full double pure white with rose fragrance. Flower medium to large in size. Stems are of medium height. The open flower needs some support. The foliage is...

Ann Berry Cousins

Soft pink bomb shaped inner glow hybrid. Origin uncertain, but it may be Saunders quadruple hybrid X Little Dorrit.


Single. Parentage: P. mlokosewitchii x unknown (probably P. mascula). First bloomed 1991. The flower is white with dark pink veins, 5-6 inches across in size. It has stamens, pollen and...


A white single, opening creamy flesh. Stiff stems, medium height. Very distinct.

Angelo Cobb Freeborn

Unusual coral red double, carried on tall stems with clean foliage. Lasts a long time, giving a vivid color in the garden. Parentage: Officinalis rubra plena x Madame Jules Dessert.