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Archie Brand

7.5. D. M. Sea shell pink. Fragrant. Named for Mr. Brand. Never proved to be a good one.

Archiduc Ludovico

Double. Krelage 1867; van Houtte 1873; Lemoine 1887; Dessert 1889; Paillet 1889.


(Seedling of Chalice) A grand white, extremely tall and vigorous. The huge flowers are of kid-like substance and great beauty. I think even finer than Chalice.


Japanese type flower form. Crimson guards and golden yellow centre. $2.00. (Catalogue of 1905.) Not reported as now in cultivation.

Arbutus Pink

Single. Very early. Light pink. Seedling No. Officinalis hybrid No. 5. Parentage : officinalis rubra plena x Mme,. Jules Dessert. Guards: clear light pink, well rounded. Filaments: white. Anthers: light...

Allan Rogers

Seedling “Seidl L-q”. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 1965. DOUBLE. White. Opens soft pink but quickly fades to white. Five inch flowers (13 cm), three per stem. Average of 5 smooth...


Very few offered since 1950, so variety is almost unknown. Single pink lobata.